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1. Question:

أI am using a satellite service that uses "proxy". Is there any better or more efficient connecting method?


There are two other connecting methods: VPN and Netgain. Netgain represents a combination between a VPN and a "proxy". VPN is a very simple, stable and efficient method. With a 33.6 Kbps Internet connection and a satellite Internet service using VPN you may have a constant satellite download speed of 1.5 Mbps. Although there are many people saying this is not possible please visit our headquarters for a demonstration. For more details on the advantages offer to the users of the VPN technology, please visit the web page Satellite Internet Advantages of Satellite Internet.


2. Question:
I have been using Europe On Line service a lot and three months my subscription here was over I was unable to access the internet. Does it happened the same to you?

There is common sense rule that satellite ISP or cable TV ISP use. The rule sounds as it follows: the users abusing of the services provided, that is consuming more that 5% of the services resources will be disconnecting and refunded for the month in question. In this way the company protects the honest customers from the ones abusing it's services. You will find this rule in our contract too. Here is an example of an abuse: a download of 600-100mb at rush hour.


3. Question:
اWhat do I do if I have not consumed the traffic I have purchased by the time the subscription is over?
The leftover traffic is to be reported to the next month or till the end of the contract if necessary. Be careful! You will loose all traffic that has not been consumed by the end of the contract.


4. Question:
What do I have to do in order to change the subscription I'm using?

You may get special traffic packages (50 Euro - 1 Gb) until the beginning of the next month when you may purchase another subscription without any additional charges.


5. Question:

What do I do if I used the traffic assigned to one month in only 3 weeks?


 You have the possibility of purchasing supplementary packages (50 Euro - 1 Gb) for the time left until the beginning of the next month. the traffic that has not been consumed from these packages will not be reported for the next month.


6. Question:

I'm interested to buy Satellite Kit. I would like detailed information regarding the products, especially about the shipment.


Satellite Kit it cost 200 EURO + VAT + SHIPMENT. The shipment will be done by the international carrier you choose. We offer discount for resellers. We will send a performa invoice and after your payment we send the equipment.
DVB card it have 1 year guarantee exception being: hit by the thunder or added to motherboard or remover from motherboard when the computer it is power on. Satellite dish and LNB do not have guarantee because are external units.Please feel free to contact us for any information you would like.

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