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Internet Via Satellite Tow Way For North Africa

MTM - ONE WAY satellite internet access

- Prices For Turky C1 Service

What you need in order to benefit for our services:

1. Up-link Internet connection

2. DVB Board

3. Satellite dish / LNB

1. Internet connection

- possible through Dial-Up, rented line, Wireless, Optic
- It is used in order to send your request to the Internet, next the Internet answers through the Satellite dish by the download traffic (reception)

For instance: For a 8.41 mb download 0.58 Mb upload is needed. For a 8.41 Mb traffic 1.5Mb upload is needed. The upload varies between 5.8 and 20% of the download. There for in order to get a monthly 2 Gb download an 118-409 mb is needed. Please use this information in order to negociate your internet connection with your ISP.


2. DVB board

- you may choose any type of DVB board . Pay attention to the fact that many DVB boards do not last for permanent utilization and they suffer damages within the first month. If you haven't purchased a DVB board we recommend the Pent@net board from Pentamedia.

3. Satellite dish / LNB

- a 120 cm dish meets the necessary requirements.
- we recommend a 0.6 LNB if you use off-set dishes or 0.7 LNB if you use parabolic dishes.


• We use the standard technology allowing a great variety of DVB equipments and operating systems.

• Due to the VPN connection, all software of the DVB board computer will access internet at a download speed of up to 1.5 Mbps (including MIRC, MORPHEUS,etc.)

• The same due to the VPN technology you will have a download speed varying from 0.4 to 1.5 Mbps with only 33.6 kbps uplink. It is still very important that your ISP uses a quality international network.

• Using your USERNAME and password you will be able to obtain information on your account at the following address

• The quality of MTM network allows you much confidence and reliability on this connection. All this provided that your ISP offers you quality uplink services. After 2 months of tests there were only two net breaks which lasted a few minutes and were pre-announced.

For such requirements please Contact us.

Satellite information
MTM utilizes the Hellas Sat satellite at 39  degrees East

We recommend:
Universal LNB
Local Oscillator 9.750 GHz or 10.600 GHz
Downlink frequency: 11.689 GHz
L-Band signal between 950-2100 MHz
The dish size you need (in centimeters) depends on your location.
Check the map to see what dish size you need for a specific location.
For instance: locations of the area labeled as "50 dBw" need a 60 cm dish.


DVB cards / Modems High Speed Internet work via an a-symmetrical connection.
That means that you will need a satellite receiver (DVB/IP PCI Card or USB Device) for the downstream and a

conventional ISP connection (by telephone line, cable or LAN) for the upstream.


MTM - TWO WAY satellite internet access


- Prices

What you need in order to benefit for our TWO WAY services:
- Satellite modem

- Satellite dish + LMB

We sell also the equipment. For more information regarding equipment price we kindly invite you to visit
their page

- the modem will be connected to USB port of your PC and will offering you 24 h / day TWO WAY satellite internet access

- when you place your order for equipment we kindly invite you to specify the satellite dish you need, based on the satellite coverage over the location you intended to use the equipment. For specify the propriet dish size please consult carefully the footprint of the satellite from below
- dish size available: 74-89 cm, 98 cm, 1.2 m


Low Prices - State of the art broadband technology makes MTM TWO WAY the most economical satellite Internet service available today. Coupled with low price of equipment we offer a performance monthly service keeping also the monthly subscription very low.

Permanent Internet connection - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no time related charges means you can benefit from real time e-mail and use the Internet for business or play whenever you like.

High speeds - with up to 128Kb upload and 2Mb download capabilities MTM TWO WAY is nearly 100 times faster than a standard modem.

Unlimited Usage - We don't restrict the total amount of data you can transfer in any given month, so you can surf to your hearts content. Based on service you choose you an reach till 2 mbps witch are recommended for a business usage

On-line Games - the service offer the possibility to play latest network games over the Internet

Reliability - using the latest technology MTM TWO WAY provides incredible reliability, better than 99.9%. No need to worry about missed emails or dropped connections during critical transactions

Equipment - equipment simply consists of the satellite modem, a 74cm, 80cm, 90cm or 1.2m Dish dependant on location, some software and two cables.

Requirements - equipment requires a USB connection to your computer and is compatible with Microsoft's Windows 98, Millennium, 2000 and XP operating systems. Additional software will be required to integrate the equipment into a network.

Satellite information: MTM TWO WAY use the Eutelsat W1 satellite at 10 degrees East

Eutelsat W1 Satellite Footprint


The W1 satellite provides a total of twenty-eight channels, twenty of which are connected to a fixed Widebeam coverage encompassing Europe, the Atlantic Islands, North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. The remaining eight channels are connected to a Steerable coverage, which is used to address new markets in geographical areas lying outside of the Widebeam coverage area. The satellite is designed so that services can be simultaneously provided within both coverages, providing the possibility for networking between the Widebeam and another geographical area.

Internet Via Satellite Tow Way For North Africa


  • Compact and low-cost solution for the Internet
  • 8 Mb download (up to 52 Mb in option)
  • 153.6 Kbps upload (307.2 Kbps in option)
  • PC or network connection - Ethernet and USB
  • Low power consumption, less than 25W
  • Very small unit and antenna
  • Rapid deployment and low-cost installation


The V-Sat TWO WAY Africa is an extremely compact and low-cost solution for the Internet. Each unit supports an Ethernet and USB port for the connection to a PC or network. Its power consumption is very low, less than 25 W; it weighs 3.9 kg and is very small (height: 6 cm, width: 40 cm and depth: 34 cm). For this solution, an antenna between 98 cm and 1.2 m is sufficient.

  • High-speed Internet access, up to 8 MB for downloading and 153.6 Kbps for uploading (52 MB/ 307.2 Kbps option).

  • Extremely fast Internet access

  • Remote control and monitoring

  • Ultra-low power consumption

  • Superior reliability

  • Low-cost installation and operation

  • Rapid deployment

  • Speed and Flexibility with Unmatched Coverage

  • Enterprise-wide consistency, scalability, ease of deployment and lower costs - are important factors to consider, when selecting a network technology platform to power a new IP infrastructure.


TWO WAY Africa offers these key benefits:

Flexibility  With DVB standards and extensive IP capabilities, the TWO WAY Africa supports virtually any data and IP multicast application, and can provide multiple services utilizing a single platform.

Mobility  If a customer wants to move form one place to another, per example from Madagascar in Cape Town, joust need to move his equipment, re pointing the dish to the satellite and access internet without any additional action.

Expanded Reach  V-Sat like TWO WAY Africa networks are ideally suited for remote and widely dispersed locations, making it easier and more efficient than ever to reach branch offices, suppliers and customers - anywhere and everywhere.

Scalability  Scalability is inherent to TWO WAY Africa. Once installed, several units can be easily expanded to include additional sites. Operators can also leverage their networks to provide a host of value added services.

Time Savings  TWO WAY Africa V-Sat networks can be implemented in a fraction of the time usually required for terrestrial networks with similar capabilities.

Cost Savings  TWO WAY Africa enables the implementation of advanced, efficient, high speed data networks without costly infrastructure development or upgrades. Extremely low power consumption further reduces costs for remote sites that require solar panels.

Enhanced Service   TWO WAY Africa helps you to better serve customers and branch offices alike, with increased speed, efficiency and advanced services and unmatched multicast capabilities.

Star Topology The TWO WAY Africa is designed to support connectivity from a central hub to many remote locations.

DVB Outbound  The TWO WAY Africa out-bound carrier complies with DVB standards.

Superior Inbound Coding   Intelligent coding algorithms and modulation techniques enable efficient usage of satellite bandwidth.

Stand Alone Remote Unit   Client software is already embedded in the box. There is no need for external software for terminal operation.

Extensive IP Capabilities  TWO WAY Africa can function in a variety of IP environments and supports a wide range of IP protocols and applications. Remote terminals can be monitored all location from a central location.

Rapid Deployment  Terminals can be set up easily across multiple locations.

Minimum end-user requirements
The TWO WAY Africa satellite modem will be connected to a PC or laptop computer that you must provide. That PC or laptop must meet the following minimum specifications:
Pentium-class processor, 64 MB RAM, 120 MB of available hard drive space, CD - ROM drive, Ethernet or USB port, Operating systems: Microsoft« Windows«, 98, Windows« 98SE, Windows« 2000 or Windows« Me or XP.

The TWO WAY Africa provides a single platform for a variety of TCP/IP applications. Applications include corporate Intranet, Internet browsing, e-mail, corporate training, B2B, e-commerce and other interactive IP applications.

Broadband Internet/Intranet Access
The TWO WAY Africa provides an "always on" connection for instant access to the Internet and corporate Intranet. With outbound bit rates of up to 52.5 Mbps and inbound bit rate of up to 307.2 kbps, users can enjoy high speed connectivity. The product embedded TCP/IP implementation coupled with unique Internet browsing acceleration technologies provides high performance and an enhanced user experience.

Voice over IP (VoIP)
VoIP can be easily integrated over the TWO WAY Africa using external IP telephone devices. With VoIP support, the TWO WAY Africa can provide an integrated telephony and data solution over the same platform.







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